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The Shopper on bedroom bliss: Lux bedding, throws and slippers

The lux bedroom (clockwise, left to right): Kravet upholstered bed, Stubbs & Wooton needlepoint slippers and Restoration Hardware’s simple Belgian Linen Framed.

  November 3, 2010 – 3:50 pm
Michelle Mawby, a Toronto interior designer, has an eye for finding on-trend items for her clients, her home and her wardrobe. She has a shoe habit, some might say, with about 400 shoes, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In this occasional series, Mawby  shops — online, in her neighbourhood and around the world — and shares her top picks.

Michelle Mawby for Retail Therapy

I’ve been working on creating the perfect cozy fall bed for a client. I started with a gorgeous upholstered bed from Kravet ($3,500 depending on the fabric). For the upholstery, I decided on a matte velveteen fabric in a deep warm gray and added detail with nickel nailheads. The fabric is cozy for winter but will also transition well into other seasons with simply a change in accessories.
The next step in a sumptuous bed is picking the right linens.  Colour, hand (or the feel) and pattern all play a part in creating the right ambiance. For this client, I chose Restoration Hardware’s simple Belgian Linen Framed in Dune with White ($69-$249).  The linen drapes so elegantly give the bed an old world feel in the utmost modern comfort and only gets better with each wash.
For winter, we added an ivory shearling throw from The Fur Source ($399.95). I wanted to add the soft texture, warmth and softness to the linens and fabric headboard. The soft ivory fur also adds a luxurious and glamourous touch (touch me, please).
I always enjoy reading a good book in a warm, cozy bed. For this season, I recommend Phillip Bloch’s The Shopping Diet ($17). Stylist to the stars, Phillip shares his tips on how to get the most out of your shopping budget. Worth the read for any fashionista!
And if it were my bedroom, I’d add a pair of Stubbs & Wooton needlepoint crest slippers for $375.  Classic but fun, these slippers will never go out of style and will never let your feet get cold.
Now we’re set to take on winter, from the comfort of our bedroom anyway.

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