Sunday, January 16, 2011


Mooi Horse Lamp at Elte

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  1. I love it too! Now having said that, I should tell you that I'm extremely biased when it comes to Elte's products. You see, I happen to work there. I also happen to be the great grandson of Elte's founder, which I believe makes me and my brother the fourth generation. But even without my obvious relation to Elte, I still love that lamp. I just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for featuring it on your blog. I'm actually embarrassed to say that this is my first time on your site however you can bet that I'm going to add it to my favorites. If you're ever interested in seeing the latest products from Elte or Ginger's, you should sign up for our e-list at because we're going to make a big effort this year to get as many New Products emails out to our clients as possible. Anyway, thanks once again. If there's ever you need, whether it be at Elte or Ginger
    s, please let us know. All the best. Andrew.